terça-feira, abril 19

Real Dream.

Come here my love,
Wake up!
Come undress my skin,
Put it in the sun and let it sit in our dream.
Come see the world growing within me.

Come live with me, my love,
And if your body become imbalanced,
I will be your foundation.
Use my shoes,
And walk with my steps.

Come here, my love.
Leave the door open.
Meet me before your smell in my hair and my hands go away within me.
Come with me into this life

Come here, please wake up.
Help me to resolve this tangle of belongings
Come into my mind in half a day and love me in the middle of the night.
Kiss me while my heart beats for you.

2 comentários:

Tamara disse...

O primeiro escrito em inglês! Valeu a tentativa!

Lud disse...

Se valeu??? Pombas!!! ficou lindooo!!! Bom, eu não sou expert em inglês, mas eu achei maravilhoso! Sutil como sempre Tamara!